First Impression | itCosmetics Brow Power Pencil

My brow game has very much changed over the years. My trusty Rimmel Hazel pencil started everything off, to define my very pale eyebrows! And then I went into pomades. Then my NYX Eyebrow Gel. And now I’m all about the pencils. And I’m learning a lot about my eyebrows and how I like them. And I am really into the natural fluffy brows currently. And so, this was right up my alley to try!

I like the packaging, it’s very sleek and feels heavy enough to feel luxe to warrant the price tag. Feels very sturdy and high quality indeed. I have a mini, and it still has a brush which is fab! And the pencil itself feels great in the hand, it’s slightly thicker but it doesn’t hinder the precision:

It claims to be a universal shade. I disagree. I’m pretty darn fair. And my best friend is too but has black hair. And on her this would be way to light! However on me, a dark blonde, it works beautifully! The formula is kinda harder instead of creamy, which I really like! It means you can’t go overboard straight away and it won’t smear all over the place! It helps with longevity in that sense. It is easy to get the fluffy eyebrow hair strokes, as you’ll see in the picture below. And then you can build it up for the tail of the eyebrows to define them intensely! Which I enjoy!

I started with the front of my brow and added some fine hair like strokes. As the brush is circular it has a very thin edge which means it’s fab to get those thin and fine strokes. But as you wear it down, it will become preciser and a truer pencil tip. I then built up the tail of my brow by carving it out with the pencil, which was effortless! I really liked the overall appearance of my look! It was a great brow day, I have to say! Oh and they lasted well. But I don’t usually struggle with my brows wearing off!

All in all this is a great product. Would I repurchase the full size? If I had the money yes. But there are so many cheaper alternatives that work exactly the same. But it is a nice product! Just nothing majorly special!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What’s your go to brow product?

Thank you so much for reading!

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