Shop My Stash | January 2020

Now we still have Christmas decorations up, I know, we leave it to the last minute to remove it because we love Christmas so much. BUT all will resume. So boring picture today, but it gets the job done!

I can’t believe it’s 2020! It’s bizarre to me that I’m 24 this month! It’s so grown up! Well, to me it is! I thought I’d be married and moved out at this age. But in actual fact, I might be moving out this year…which I’m excited about because I’m desperate to get out of the town I live in; too many bad memories! However these products are going to be the ones I hope to take me through this month including on my birthday! To make some final good memories until the point of leaving!

NARS Soft Matte Concealer – I’m nearly out of my Colourpop No Filter so I thought I’d include another concealer to see if I want it for my project pan next. But also I know I liked it! So I thought it would see me through my birthday very well and give me a flawless (as flawless as my face can look) complexion!

BhCosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette – I bought this from TKMaxx for an absolute steal of £5! So I really want to invest some time using this so I can do a comparison with the Duolight palette! I’ve used a couple of shades in this and thought it was super beautiful, so I’m excited to try using it more and more this month!

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip (Doozy) – This is one of my favourite lip products I discovered last year! Still weird to call 2019 last year but hey ho! It is super subtle, almost like a bitten stain of a warm rose pink! And thought it would look great with the other makeup I’ve chosen but also on no makeup days when I just want a brows and a wash of colour on my lips!

Tarte Blushes (Blushing Bride, Exposed) – I was actually given the blush “Exposed” by my friend who simply wasn’t using this! So I’m excited to try the formula again as I’ve not used my own Tarte blush for AGES! And they are gorgeous colours that will go well with everything else that I have chosen! Excited to use them for sure!

Z Palette Of Single Shadows

First Row – MAC : Scene, Quarry, Vex.

Second Row – MAC : Gorgeous Gold, Makeup Geek : Preppy, High Tea.

Third Row – MAC : Expensive Pink, Makeup Geek : Tuscan Sun, MAC Smut.

I used to be obsessed with collecting MAC eyeshadows. And I really want to use them more and more because I think they are fantastic! I was very picky as I know there are some duds. But the ones I chose I researched that were good. I also adore my Makeup a geek shadows and these ones are some of my absolute favourites that I thought would correspond with the other shadows I’ve chosen to see me through! Plus this will be the shadows I use for my birthday makeup…which is exciting! Decisions decisions eh?

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (Posh Spice) – This is such a good colour. Uber grungy which I think will go so well with the shadows I’ve picked! Love the formula, so comfortable despite being matte. And super saturated in pigment! My absolute favourite formula! Can’t wait to invest my time using this one in particular!

And those are all of the items that shall take me through my birthday month! I’m excited to try these again and see how well they perform together in looks I want to create!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨

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