First Impression | Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer

I am pretty boring when it comes to eyeshadow primers and squally either just use concealer or my MAC Painterly Paint Pot! But I was intrigued as I heard some ghastly things about this but also some mega raves about this! So I wanted to see where I stood as it was fairly marmite (love or hate, nothing in between!).

Considering this is deluxe size, this is SO generous! Like it is going to last ages considering you hardly need any! The packaging is lovely and I love how it is a squeeze tube because it means there will be no waste so you can get it all out. And the metallic finish feels very special!

In terms of the formula…I am pretty mixed, even though I said people aren’t mixed about it. But of course, I have to be different. Without the shadows over the top, it was SO dry! By that I mean when it set, it exaggerated all of my texture and dry patches! It made me look like a crusty bitch! Not a fan AT ALL. I’ll pop a picture below to show you what I mean!


However I felt like once it had eyeshadow blended over the top of it, it looked a hell a of a lot better! I don’t know whether the texture is just an initial thing or not. Or if it was so dry by swiping and blending exfoliated the dry patches off (ew!). I really don’t know, but it certainly looked loads better with eyeshadow over the top! And the blending I could do over the top was lovely! And it didn’t make the eyeshadows crease or get disrupted (probably because of how dry it was). But the texture looked loads better once it had eyeshadow over the top! I’ll show you how it looks below!

All in all I felt mixed about this! Which juxtaposes what I said originally! Don’t hurt me! If I was going to wear shades that were a little most transparent, I would NOT use this as you would see the texture through it. With pigmented shades or shades that require lots of blending, I would consider using this. The best thing of this,product was the longevity! My eyeshadow didn’t budge, even in the inner corner! Which was very impressive. But dang it looks gross before you apply eyeshadow!

I hope this blog post was interesting to you, and you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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