Full Review | Sleek Love Shook Highlight Palette

I bought this during Black Friday as I managed to nab it for half of the price and the colours looked absolutely gorgeous and really excited me. I love shimmery blushes and highlighters so using them as that made me giddy with joy! So I tried every shade, wore it for the day and reviewed it mentally so I could review it here! I hope you enjoy!

The packaging is gorgeous and sleek (I hate myself). I feel like the pans are either slightly smaller than ideal or absolutely bang on perfect. You can get a highlighter brush (the little ones) in there perfect. But if you were to use them as a blush, with a blush brush, it is a little trickier! But not completely impossible! The brush, I’ll be honest, I chucked away straight away.

The formula is delightful! Very thin in texture but buildable to intense pigmentation! Boy they pack a punch! They have a high shine finish too, but the darker shades are less of a sparkly metallic sheen of a highlighter and more of a sheen a blush would have! The red shade (1) is my favourite for blush! It is like a brick red when on the cheeks and looks surprisingly natural! The sheen is a slightly pinker and really beautiful. The lilac shade (2) is BAM in yo’ face! And I love it! It really lifts and brightens my usually sallow complexion! The baby pink (3) is sooooo shiny and bright! T has a slight dusty pink cast when you turn your cheeks, but I am super pale! So I tend to do blush draping when I wear this so the cast is hidden by the bucket loads of blush I wear (your laughing because it’s true!). And finally the plum shade looks a lot more purple in the pan, but is more of a warm flush on the cheeks! I find this is super complimentary and almost more natural this way, kind of like a normal “I’m so flattered” or “I should not have said that” kind of flush!

I find I reach for more pinks, purples and reds on my eyes to compliment the tones of the palette on my face. I do like the monochromatic look too. However looking at it, an icy blue or moss green would also work soooo well with these shades. Maybe I’ll have to be brave! In terms of lip products I think a natural glossy lip (maybe with a hint of sparkle for cohesion) keeps the focus on the highlight. Something like Fairy Floss by Colourpop or Fly Away by Zoeva! But I also wore MAC Chilli with the red shade (1) and it created a gorgeous cohesive look and it surprisingly didn’t compete, instead they enhanced each other! A matte liquid lip would be a great way to keep the sheen the main focus of brightness! I love Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Scandal, Triggered and Mannequin to go with the tones of these shades in the palette! But I also love the Lime Crime Plushies in Rosebud and Milk Tea with these shades in the palette!

All in all this palette is fantastic! Absolutely obsessed! And highly recommend if these tones you like for blush toppers and highlights. Just be mindful of that cast on the pale shade if you have the skin like paper (like me!).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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