Full Review | Clarins Instant Concealer (01)

My skin is so dry currently so I thought that “Instant” concealer sounded lovely. It sounded effortless and done in one swipe! Which I’m all for. Mainly because I’m lazy, but also with having progressively worsening health my fatigue levels are so low. So!i want easy breezy makeup that doesn’t take an incredible amount of time to do, and makes me look less like a slug! We all want that don’t we!

The packaging is very swish and fancy, and the lid feels luxe! It has red in it too, which makes it look special! But the squeeze tube is ergonomically and environmentally thought out for a lack waste! Most impressed, I have to say! I like the writing being white against the nude, as I feel having black would have been so harsh and wouldn’t have gone as well with the classy aesthetic that Clarins has!

The formula, I have to say, I really liked. And it did blend effortlessly. A few dabs in my face, buff buff buff and we had a lovely smoothed out complexion! It has a pretty decent coverage while still being hydrating enough to not aggravate or highlight me dry patches. I’d definitely say this would require setting if you have an oilier complexion. But I quite liked it shinier as it made my skin look plumper and to be frank: less crusty, which is a bonus! It has a thicker but whipped texture if that makes sense. Like it is light and airy when blended/blending in, but squeezing it out it feels thick. It is such an odd texture, but do I hate it? No, I actually think I love it! For tactile and satisfying purposes!

It did that. It freaking did that! I had a lot of redness on my face that day. And it covered all of it! It didn’t exaggerate my pores or dry patches! It felt super comfortable on the face! I mean the picture speaks for itself! Look at how even my complexion looks! I was blown away! I didn’t even need to apply much, like a tiny dot and it did my entire face; it is a very concentrated formula. I feel like you could go ham and it look cakey and thick, due to it having that texture to it. But with the small amount I applied, and it covered that redness. Wow. Just wow. Keep your hand with light with this!

I do need to mention, the shade range is pathetic. Like abysmally pathetic! I think there are three shades. Or at least that was how many my Boots carried. It’s just not good enough. We need to cater to our more diverse culture now! And three shades ain’t going to do it. I’m sorry, but they need to pull their finger out with the shades! Some dark shades, a more olive tone medium and maybe a really pale shade would be fantastic THANK YOUU! As I’m super pale and even their palest shade is still a tad too dark. We shall see won’t we!

All in all if you have dry skin, this might be your saviour. Or if you’re busy and you need to have quick stuff to apply on the train, consider this. You don’t need much and it hides a multitude of sins! Clarins, hats off. Well done! But sort that shade range out, I mean seriously!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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