First Impression | Revolution Honey And Oatmeal “Nourish and Glow” Face Mask

My sister very kindly gifted me not one, not two but four of the Revolution zskincare masks for Christmas! And this one, I’ll be honest, was the one I was nervous for. Oatmeal or “porridge” kind of freaks me out in terms of the scent, I don’t know, it just smells sweaty. So I was worried the scent would turn my stomach. I was also worried the honey would make it uber sticky. But you know what. Non of those were even remotely an issue! And before I spoil anymore of my opinion, ONTO TO REVIEW!

I love the packaging. It’s very user friendly, the lid closes fully so you aren’t going to get leakage. And comes with a cover too, so even more prevention! I usually keep those covers on too, rather than chuck them away. Just to be safe. It is very cohesive with the rest of the Revolution Skincare masks! Very simple but aesthetically pleasing. Totes profesh if you ask me!

The formula as it goes on, I am so pleased to say is not lumpy! HURRAH! That was my biggest fear! Putrid textures turn my stomach so easily and I’m overjoyed this is as smooth as smooth can be! It feels tacky but not sticky. Not like the “shit I just put honey in my porridge and now my whole work surface feels like it’s covered in glue”, which is fab! But it has a bit of a viscous texture, which is neither offensive or messy. In fact I quite like it as it gives you that layer of hydration which I very much enjoy!

The claims of this mask are “Nourish and Glow” and it did not disappoint or falsely advertise! Look at my skin! I applied just a thin layer of it and look at that shine! I love it! I look so healthy and plump (in the skincare department, although it is after Christmas…jeans too feel a bit tight!). And my skin certainly felt nourished. Like a skincare hug if you will. The honey I feel gave you that hydration and glow whereas the oatmeal almost soothes the skin! To help enhance moisture levels and thus giving you added radiance! The two ingredients work beautifully hand in hand! And yes, I was worried about this. But I needn’t not! It was a joy to use and even more of a joy when I saw the results! My skin felt fantastic!

All in all I recommend this if you too suffer from dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin like myself. I didn’t feel irritated or stripped, I actually felt quite the opposite! Very soothing and hydrating! Love love love! Can’t wait to use it again!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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