Full Review | Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Liners (Taupest, Minx, Dove)

I did a full blog post testing out all of the various lip products from Lime Crime, and there were some major duds! But there were also some great finds, and the Velvetine Lip Liner in Taupest was very much a favourite! As I was so impressed with this I wanted to see if it was consistent with the other shades in the formula, and discover more colours!

Here is a link to the blog post about the other lip products I tried from Lime Crime : https://insidethemakeupdrawer.com/2019/06/28/full-review-limecrime-lip-products-plushies-velvetine-matte-liquid-lipstick-wet-cherry-gloss-unicorn-lipstick-diamond-crushers-and-velvetine-lip-liner/

Wow…long link 🙈

First off, can you really get cuter packaging? Like seriously! How gorgeous and adorable is that! But also useful! You get a clear name below the Lime Crime logo, and then a colour reference at the bottom so you know you are picking out the right one. Which I find very handy indeed! It is a “need to be” sharpened formula, which personally I don’t mind as a) I always have a sharpener near me and b) I can tailor my application depending on how I sharpen it!

The texture is lovely, although not consistent between all of the shades. Taupest is a lovely smooth matte but feels slightly thicker and creamier in texture, although still very clearly matte, no sheen at all. Minx is super thin and very comfortable on the lips, but even creamier than Taupest! But again, still clearly very matte. Dove was where it changed. Dove was slightly harder in texture and jut didn’t glide as well as the others did, on first application. Which was disappointing. It took a lot longer to build up the colour and felt quite draggy on the lips too. Once the colour was on, it looked lovely, but it just required a lot more effort. It also felt a lot drier in texture; not as comfortable. I tried sharpening it, and it did improve when doing this. It became slightly creamier but still not as creamy and comfortable as the others. It, however, did last the longest out of them all though, due to that drier texture! Which was great as I applied a gloss over the top and still had lovely colour even after eating a roast dinner!

T/B – Dove, Taupest, Minx

All in all I have to say, through the inconsistencies I think they are still nice. 2/3 worked beautifully with no complaints whatsoever! Taupest I enjoy wearing with a beige nude and use it as a contour shade. Or simply with a bit of gloss. Minx I feel works beautifully with any pink or peach nude to warm things up and define them. However Dove was a bit iffy and just required a lot more effort to look and feel alright. I paired it with a baby pink gloss and it looked lovely, and lasted very well. But for how long and frustrating it was to apply. Not entirely worth it. Maybe I just got a dud, I don’t know. And will continue to give it a chance to perform better!

Wow so much drama of a lilac lip liner. But it still costs £14.50 for a lip liner, so you expect it to perform better than that! Anyway!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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