Product Wars | Revolution Conceal and Define VS Conceal and Hydrate

Revolution it’s slowly becoming one of my favourite brands. They are cheap, cheerful but very lovely quality and enjoyable to use! Spoiler, I have loved the Conceal and Define foundation since it came out. But then the fact a hydrating formula was coming out really excited me. Then funds didn’t allow me to pick it up and try it. But now I have it, and I thought I would compare the two!

The packaging on both of these components are really cute. And fairly cohesive with each other too. The same rose gold is used and the baby pink and you still get to see the shade of the foundation also! Very good indeed. I also like how they are easy to apply, for example one has a pump and the other has a doe foot. So you’re not having to pour it on the back of your hand and get all messy. Clean application is necessary to me, and this does it well.

Conceal and Hydrate

I thought it kick things off by trying this foundation out of the two, as it was one I was unfamiliar with and I knew how the Conceal and Define worked. On application it was lovely. Very smoothing, luminous with a great coverage! Definitely needed setting but having dry skin I don’t always set my foundation. Especially not the Conceal and Define. So thought as I was tying the foundation, I would leave it for today. All in all I loved how it made my skin look, couldn’t complain. Oh but wait. Just you wait my little gum drop buttons. Thing change, and fast!

You see this monstrosity! You would think this would be after a days wear right? When in actuality it was 30 minutes! 30 goddam minutes! And my skin looked like this! I don’t have oily skin, and texture wise, it’s okay. But can you actually see how DISGUSTING my face looks?! I have dry skin too, this foundation is catered for my skin type. And this is how it looked! Every dry patch was exaggerated, it was melting off my nose, it crusted up in some places. Good lord I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So I took a picture, the picture you are seeing up there, and thought Charlotte Tilbury will fix it….nope. Even she couldn’t. And it was then when I wiped off all of my makeup and started again. Disappointed isn’t the word. Horrified more like!

Conceal and Define

I tried this the next day and was a little more relieved as I knew what I was getting myself into. I liked this foundation, my skin liked it and I knew it was going to be a good makeup day. On application it worked very similarly to the a Conceal and Hydrate, lovely coverage, nice and smoothing albeit a little more matte. But it didn’t exaggerate any dry patches or texture. I think that what lead me into a false sense of security as they applied so similarly. I thought I’d show you how my skin looked after 30 minutes of it being on my skin, to show you the differences between the two of them!

As you can see it looks fine! It settles really nicely into my skin and looks very skin like. Doesn’t accentuate any nasties on my skin. So I feel like it is definitely the best out of the two for my skin! Even though the Conceal and Hydrate is more for my skin, it just looked horrific! Especially when it leads you into a false sense of security of it applying beautifully initially!

All in all, I think there is no question which I prefer! And I am wondering if you have tried the Conceal and Hydrate, and how it worked for you? I was so beyond disappointed. All the while still loving the Conceal and Define, in fact, I’ll be needing a second bottle soon!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’›βœ¨

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