DIY 2020 Advent Calendar Project

For Christmas this year my lovely mum has bought my the LookFantastic advent colander. She let me take lots of pictures when it arrived for my instagram stories and then has put it away and I am now waiting until Christmas!But the concept of having an advent calendar is so enjoyable to me as I love Christmas and counting down to it. I am almost 99% certain I am a reincarnated santa elf! And so I’ll be using my LookFantastic 2019 advent calendar as my skeleton for next years advent calendar and many more advent calendars to come.

I thought it would be a super fun project for next year by collecting products throughout next year. By this I mean taking products that are :

• Look Fantastic Goodies.

• Items From Bundles I’d Like To Try that I’m willing to wait for.

• Special Items out of the items from my beauty “budget” bundles that I will wait for.

• Using my budget to get something special, and waiting for it.

So I get the same joy that this LookFantastic advent calendar has given me, but for what feels like less money (or at least less money in one go!) and you get satisfaction out of knowing you’ve done it yourself.

I feel like I need to learn to wait for products. Hence why I’m aiming to make more conscious decisions about purchases and having a “beauty budget” next year. And what I’m not going to do be reckless and buy lots to fill this advent calendar. No no no, that would be daft! What I’m doing instead is building products up from the previous mentioned categories, so it’s “free”, or out of my beauty budget. For example for day 25 I might want some things that are super special, so I’ll use some items from my budget to fulfil that! I’m making a list of products that I shall not delve into yet as I’m unsure how set in stone they are for now. But I’m doing this so I can mark how many items I have for my calendar so I can put in just enough, or more if I want a couple of days to have multiple items! But also so I can see which order I want to play with, so we get a mix of useful and exciting items!

My lovely friend donated some bits and bobs for me too which was unbelievably sweet of her. Some days will have more than one item too, just thought I’d mention it! So I get little bundles of samples or one full sized item! But I have plans for other items that are going to go in the calendar too. Single eyeshadows, brushes, Jeffree Star Liquid lipsticks hopefully, maybe a mini perfume, some skincare, that kind of thing!

Basically, I can’t wait to start this project! And will do updates on what I’ve collected so far for it! There will be swapping and changing too, no doubt about it! As I get my LookFantastic boxes this year I bet I’ll add things to bundles and swap things in and out of certain days to other days! But I’m so excited!

Join me in my journey of building my own advent calendar on a budget!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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