First Impression | Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Expect a lot of LookFantastic Advent calendar stuff to be reviewed! There was a lot and I feel the need to give my opinions on the stuff that really intrigued me! This was one of them! I have heard SO much about this! Saying it was the cleanser to end all cleansers! And with high remarks like that, you are going to be interested right? So I was super happy to receive this. I gave the one I received in the September Box to my sister who was probably more desperate to try it than me! So we both got a treat! Yay!

The packaging is great, I am a fan of the squeeze tube as it prevents waste! And it looks very sleek and quite posh! When I squeezed it out it came out in a orangey-coral gel and it smelt delightful! Just like Turkish delight! And my sister came to the same conclusion too! Spoiler, she loves it and is suffering badly very dry and sore skin on her face and it was so gentle for her which is awesome!

For me, I like a cleanser that removes EVERYTHING very quickly and easily. I can’t stand by the sink too long now due to my pain and this did an alright job at removing everything. But I should have read the eye warning. Because boooooyyyy! That buuuurns! Hence why the next picture, I have red eyes. But it removed all of my face makeup effortlessly and left me with a lovely glow. It wasn’t the most hydrating if you compare it to the Glam Glow Galacticleanse or the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser. However it was enjoyable to use.

All in all I like it for a morning cleanse when I have no makeup on, so I can avoid the eye area. For makeup removal it’s a bit meh at, for the sole reason of the eye irritation. But face makeup is very easily and quickly melted off. So if that’s what you’re after, or a great AM cleanser, then this is great. I would describe it as gentle and melting. As it did melt into the skin beautifully and created a nice lather. But it just wasn’t as hydrating as I usually like and I felt mildly stripped. But not as badly as some cleansers do for me.

I hope you found this useful and enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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