Little Birthday Haul

So my boyfriend was a little sweetie and took me shopping t a local shopping centre go where he lives. We had Chinese food for lunch and mooched around. I say mooched, is as in my wheelchair but it was so nice to be out with my favourite person. He bought me some little treats, and his parents and brother bought me some books, as they know it is a great distraction for my pain. But makeup, being my first love, was also something my boyfriend knew about, so he let me choose a few bits! And I felt guilty, but he insisted. And I am so grateful!

Makeup Obsession Pure Bake Powder (Transparent) – My best friend used this and it eliminated all of her texture. Having some texture on my face I knew this would be on my list! I’ve never tried the baking technique but I’m excited to see how it improves my texture on my nose, as that is my problem area.

MAC Lipstick (Fresh Brew) – This has been in my list for AGES! It is a lovely milky coffee brown nude and nothing like it in my collection. Is is a lustre finish, my favourite finish. And I’m very excited to wear it!

Revlon Rose Glow Illuminating And Hydrating Primer (Rose Quartz) – This I haven’t heard much about but I’m really getting into primers, saw this and was mesmerised, I love the fact is says it was hydrating and I felt it on the back of my hand was loved the texture. So in the basket it went.

NYX Born To Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation (Pale) – I am in the market for a new foundation to try, and saw many reviews on this. I’m was tempted by the Revlon Candid however the shade range was abysmal! So thought this was a better option as the shade range as better with much nicer undertones! Plus I’m really feeling radiance right now!

And that is all the makeup I picked up for my birthday! I feel very spoilt! I also have a total of 7 books that were gifted to me! Two pairs of shoes. And a denim jacket. My best friends bought me two palettes and a set of face masks which I of course will review! And then my sister has bought me the Ace Beaute Oceanic palette! Which is most exciting! A review will be coming up most soon!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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