Full Review | Jeffree Star Magic Concealer

As you are probably aware I have and continue to be a massive fan of almost all of a Jeffree Stars products! And it took me long enough but I finally purchased the Magic Concealer! And was so excited to try it, I took all of my makeup off the day it arrived so I could try it!

We need to discuss the packaging, first and foremost! It is absolutely insane! The gem is so luxe and the brush has a gorgeous pointed tip! My only complaint would be the star at the top feels a bit cheap. And could easily be snapped while in your (full) makeup bag! But other than that, it is absolutely stunning. Every detail, like the textured bottle, was put into great thought!

On first application I really liked how it felt. It was fairly thin in texture and made me feel very hydrated! It didn’t feel like the usual full coverage concealers! And I’ll be honest, I stand by it not being full coverage. And not in a bad way. I’d say it’s a buildable medium coverage. With it being so thin, it is great to apply on problem areas, wait and the apply more if needed. And it doesn’t cake up, due to that hydrating consistency!

As you can see it evened out my skin tone wonderfully. However it did cling to the dry patches on my nose. But for the under eyes it looked fantastic. Due to that thin texture it didn’t cake up and just lay a really nice hydrated layer. I think this would definitely be a better under eye concealer than a blemish concealer. As I get dry blemishes and I think dryness and this concealer don’t mix great. But if you have texture, it smooths it in almost a serum-y way. As you can see from the following picture.

All in all I really like this concealer for under the eyes. Other than the clinging to the dry patches, it performs wonderfully. It blends evenly and further than expected. It has a very hydrating finish that sets down still, so adds to longevity. It isn’t essential to powder it, but if you do it doesn’t exaggerate anything, other than the dryness that was already problematic. One of the nicest under eye concealer I have used in a while!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have you tried this concealer? What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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