First Impression | skinChemists Rose Illuminating Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads

I love self care, and am trying very hard to take part in it more and more. I deserve to be cared for. I deserve being looked after. And I should be doing it myself! So I went into my self care draw (full of masks and stuff) and picked out these, as I was struggling a bit with the optical neuritis I am getting frequently, so thought they would do very well for that moment!

I like the packaging, very simple but it does the job, it houses the sealed packet of these eye pads very well. It states quite obviously what they are and in a very enticing manner. Safe to say I was very excited to try them!

But to be honest…that’s when it all went wrong! They simply wouldn’t stick to my face. I tried both sides of the gel pads and neither one would stick to my face! They kept falling off! Now I’m my No7 ones do not do this, and are if discussing them in packs, are a hell of a lot cheaper! These just wouldn’t stick. And it wasn’t that they were dry, they had the serum on them, and not too much either. They looked lovely! But just didn’t work!

It took me several attempts to get this picture and you can see how they are simply resting on my skin rather than adhering to it! You can see the fear in my face as I feel them moving and slipping and about to fall off! I just wanted a picture! But no, these were highly disappointing and I was even tempted to buy a box of them from TKMaxx, before I tried them and I’m so glad I didn’t!

I can’t even discuss what it did for my face as they didn’t do anything. Made it a bit damp and sticky after it repeatedly fell off, of slid down my cheeks! Not a happy bunny! Would absolutely not recommend these!

Sorry for the negative review! I’m not usually one for these, as I do so much research into the products I wish to purchase! But nope, these were a definite no no!

I hope you found this useful!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛

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