Full Review | Colourpop “It’s My Pleasure” Palette

I feel so spoilt…I had so many lovely presents for my birthday and this was one of them! Off my gorgeous best friends! I had been so desperate to try these monochromatic palettes from Colourpop and this was top of my list because I’m a sucker for purples! So I’ve played and played and played with it, wore it for my birthday get together with my boyfriends friends (which I can call my friends too! They are wonderful people also!). So here we go, onto the review!

So the packaging of this palette is very ergonomically friendly! Very travel friendly and sturdy while still being compact! I love it! The layout of the shades I also adore! There are some absolute gems of shades in here that immediately draw me in! Well let’s be honest, they all drew me in! So together, as one, they provide me with immense joy!

The formula is like no other. It’s blendable, smooth and pigmented! They can be built up for a kapow kinda look, or they can be sheered out for a muted violet or cranberry wash! My favourite shades in this palette are Kittenfish, Do or Dough and Mr Sandman! Kittenfish is my PERFECT lilac shade! It’s a warm lilac and is so flattering on my green eyes, it’s absolute perfection! Do or Dough is as glittery as Earthshine…another favourite but I own it in the big size so you already know it’s a favourite! But this one has multicoloured reflects and is sooooo breathtakingly dimensional! Mr Sandman….oh Mr Sandman, my heart beats for you! It just looks like a taupe…but good lord I have never seen such pigment and power in an eyeshadow. It has a taupe base but with the most beautiful blue/lilac flip! And is also so dimensional! You need a light hand because boy she get pigment! Or not…go heavy handed and rock that thang! All the other colours perform just as well and are equally as pigmented and beautiful, these were just my stand outs!

These are the following looks I created with this palette!

Kittenfish, Fan Fiction, Barr Minimum, Sleeper
Kittenfish, Do or Dough, Chick Lit, Earthshine
Pretty Cruel, Earthshine, Mr Sandman, Sleeper
Bare Minimum, Fan Fiction, Chick Lit, Do or Dough
Pretty Cruel, Mr Sandman, Sleeper

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this palette and I’m even happier to have it in my collection! It honestly makes me so freaking happy that I have started my monochrome palette collection from Colourpop…I have a couple more coming too! I did an order for my birthday! So I can show you more things I picked up then! Anyway I’m rambling!

This palette is fantastic and I’m overjoyed to have it in my collection! If you are umming and ahhing about this palette, you won’t be disappointed. Easy to work with, very pretty shades and versatile enough to create so many different looks!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried Colourpop monochrome palettes? Any recommendations?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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