First Impression | Revlon Rose Glow Illuminating and Hydrating Primer (Rose Quartz)

So for my birthday my boyfriend very kindly took me shopping and let me pick a few things. It was his way of saying, get what you want! I was so grateful and so I picked this up, as you probably saw in my recent birthday haul! This really appealed to me because it state it was hydrating, and I hadn’t heard many people talk, about it, so I thought I’d risk it!

The bottle is beautiful. And it is very clear what it is and what it does, with the name etc. The packaging however has a couple of problems. The pipette takes a lot of welling to get any product up the spout, however when you go to pour whatever you grabbed…it doesn’t come out easily. In fact at all, in some cases. So it’s better to not use the pipette and just pour it out, that’s what I do now.

The formula however….my goodness. It is exceptionally lightweight. And kind of like a dry oil. There is very fine shimmer, however you don’t look like a disco ball. It is exceptionally comfortable and very flattering. It dries to a somewhat tacky finish so makeup adheres to it beautifully! It really gives you a lit from within glow! I was exceptionally impressed with the actual formula of the item. The packaging sucks, but the goods inside are what is important…and I was very pleased!

This how it looks on my face! It even reduced the appearance of my pores slightly, as the glow is what you see on the face…and maybe is used a distraction tactic haha! I don’t know, but I loved how my skin looked with it! It really was hydrating too! It didn’t aggravate my dry patches at all and actually made them feel nourished! Like a dry oil would!

Like a previously mentioned, the bottle needs major improvements but the “juice” as it were, is fantastic! Highly recommend the product inside but seriously Revlon…the pipette is a joke!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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