So as some of you noticed, I have picked up YouTube again! So this is just a quick little blog post to just let you know my inspiration for picking it up again and for my change of direction. Obviously it is still makeup! Duh. But I’m not talking in my videos, as I stumble over my words and it was giving me anxiety if I said something wrong and I cringed when editing! So this is a much more calming direction!

My main inspiration for this was a video I saw from the delight that is Emily Hanhan (@nomnivirous on Instagram!). She did a palette inspired by a painting and I was mesmerised. And so inspired. I wanted to do something similar. I messaged her to see if it was okay and she was so lovely and said go for it! So that’s what I did.

I’m doing all sorts. Painting inspired palettes with corresponding looks. I want to do some designated palette videos. Collection videos! Shop my stash! Swatchathons! A variation of things that make me happy. Pop some super chill music in the background and let the zen wash over me! I’m enjoying it so much!

This is a quick example of what I’m doing. I take a painting I like. This one is Mickey Mouse from Andy Warhol. And do a look inspired by it. First I take my single eyeshadows and play about with them and swatch things to make a palette that corresponds with the painting. And then create a look with them! Which is so much fun!

I really hope you follow me on this journey. If you find some relaxation or entertainment from the videos, I’ll be super happy! Please subscribe and comment that you’ve come from WordPress! I’d love that!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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