Sample Snippet | Milk Hydrogrip Primer

I received this off of my friend in a big age of samples that she gave me! And I have been dying to try it as the word “hydro” will forever peek my interest! My ears were well and truly pricked up! I can’t help it, as a crusty faced individual I crave hydration!

The packaging is lovely, even as a mini, it resembles the true packaging but in a cute diddy form! Love that! It is a spring format and you can also see how much you have left which I really like! Even as a mini. The formula is lovely. It is sticky…I have to warn you. But in a really hydrating way! And like the makeup is going to adhere really well! It a pleasant smell too! In terms of makeup application, my makeup applied brilliantly when I used this. So smooth and flawless! I really liked it! It was definitely a good makeup day! It has ingredients of aloe water (very soothing), Hyaluronic acid (hydrating) among other things. Which really stand out to me as good skincare ingredients as well as it being a primer. Safe to say I’m obsessed. And am certainly, going to look into buying the full size at some point!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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