Full Review | Ace Beaute Oceanic Palette

My sister very kindly bought me this palette for my birthday! And I was absolutely mesmerised by the colour scheme! I’m really into greens right now and there are some gorgeous blues that go well with that too!! So I was so so so excited to try this out on my eyes, and as soon as I got back from my boyfriends I did a couple of tutorials! Which are up on my YouTube!

The packaging is sleek and thin while still feeling very special! The pattern on the front of the palette as well is absolutely gorgeous, with the foiled appearance! It feels luxurious while still remaining travel friendly and compact!

The formula of the eyeshadows vary depending on the finish. The shimmers are super intense when applied with a finger or perhaps a wet brush. But a sheer wash of colour when applied with a dry brush. However the mattes are exceptional when applied with a brush. Super bright and pigmented but blend tremendously effortlessly! My favourite shades in the palette are Algae, Jellyfish, Bora Bora and Fiji! Algae is a matte, very bright almost neon lime green! And blends a dream with the other green eyeshadows! Jellyfish is a lovely metallic olive green with bright green reflects within it; it looks super special on the eyes! Bora Bora is a periwinkle blue with a gold sheen and looks stunning in the inner corners! Fiji is a bright turquoise and is so easy to blend! It looks gorgeous on the edges of a smokey eye!

These are the looks I created with this palette!

Fiji, Mykonos, Marina, Pacific
Turtle, Seagrass, Jellyfish, Anemone
Blue Clam, Bora Bora, Bay, Bali
Seaweed, Jellyfish, Anemone, Seagrass
Bora Bora, Bali, Anenome, Jellyfish, Fiji, Mykonos, Lagoon
Lagoon, Pacific, Turtle, Algae, Seagrass, Fiji, Jellyfish

All in all this palette is fantastic. Blends an absolute dream, so many gorgeous combinations. You can do super dark and smokey or super bright and almost neon! I adore it! I know there was some mixed opinions on the formula of these eyeshadows, but I found no difficulty so long as I used them in their favourable way of application i.e shimmers with a finger!

I have a 6 Looks 1 palette up on my YouTube! So do take a watch of that if you’re interested on seeing two of these looks in action!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨


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