Full Review | Smashbox “Cosmic Celebration Divine Shine” Gloss Angeles Lipgloss Set

My grandparents insist on giving me money for Christmas, bless them, and mum mum suggested spending it on something so I get something wrapped up for Christmas. Which was a great idea. And so I decided on these, as the other Gloss Angeles I own, I absolutely adore!

The packaging REALLY drew me in. I mean just look at the lid! And the colour selection was unlike any other glasses I own, but would make for excellent additions as they would be shades very beneficial to have! As they are wearable but special! I love how there were two glittery ones and we have a creme formula too, which I am yet to try from them. So all in all, I had to. Really. I did.

The formula blew me away just like the others did. They are so hydrating feeling while not being sticky. The glitter stays on the lips even after the glossiness has worn away which gives an easy look to the lips and almost a grungy feel which I love for! The shades are gorgeous. Shimmer Nova is a champagne shimmer and has reflects of pink and gold. It is beautiful. Mercurial Mauve is a rich berry shimmer shade, with reflects of red, pink and lilac! Beachy Keen is a deep nude creme and has a sophisticated air about it! I felt very 20s in it! My most used of them all is Beachy Keen, due to its unique depth however my favourite of them all is Mercurial Mauve as it just gives me lips a tint of colour and a juiciness to them!

They are described as “enriched with a serum like texture” and I can highly agree. They have a great deal of nourishment to them and feel more like a lip oil. It states they have Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E in them too which I can also agree, as it genuinely did soften and plump my lips beautifully, as a lip oil or lip balm would! They have no scent, which was slightly disappointing however I can get over myself and my need for candy smelling things, for how gorgeously they perform!

All in all I’m so happy I picked these up! And they are solid choices now within my collection! They have a home next to my other Gloss Angeles, and are making great friends with them! Or so I can imagine.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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