Full Review | BHCosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette

Oh I do love to glow. I love that look, she you turn to the side and you get a little glimpse of sparkle and then…just in the right light, POW! And you’re close to blinding a poor sod! Which I will agree is also cruel…but hey, wear sunglasses!

I reviewed the BHCosmetics Duo Light Highlighter Palette, and turned out to be one of my most popular blog posts! I shall link it here!


Well this is the sister palette, and boy, I was excited to try it as the colours intrigued me along with the formula to see how similar it was to the delight that is the Duo Light Highlighter palette!

The packaging is exceptionally similar to its sister, the Duo Light! However it is a more matte and less holographic. But it is still very sturdy and travel friendly! I love as well how it gives you an idea of the shades on the inside! Which is great, for when you are delving into drawers, looking for inspiration!

The formula, was the main thing I was interested in. As I am such a massive fan of the other palette. And I am happy to report back, it is a success! Boy they are blinding! They are given the name the black light so that, to me, thought they would be more of an inward subtle glow. But nope. They pigmented. They bliiiinding. They are slightly smoother, so a little less chunky. And perform very well on their own, or with a setting sprayed face! I prefer the setting spray method, but they still work wonderfully dry too!

The top row is lovely and bright. Slightly similar in to e, but definitely have some differences in hue! The first shade, Electra is a very pale yellow, however on the skin it very much just looks like a silvery highlight. Until compared with the silver in the palette, then it does have a touch of gold to it! Laser, the next shade, is a gorgeous limey green! And it is my favourite in this row! It is so unique, and has such dimension and can certainly make a statement! Kween, the next shade, is a very icy blue but does have an aqua/turquoise as well as a baby blue shift! Again, super dimensional. This is slightly too icy for my yellow undertone, so I use this for more editorial looks!

The second row…oh boy, it has my favourite shade in this entire palette! Firstly we have Strobe which is that silver I mentioned. It is very blinding indeed! And is a more neutral one without a colourful shift! But it still packs a major punch! Then my favourite shade in the palette, On Point. I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I do but good lord! It is so so so stunning! It is more subtle from a distance , then you turn your face and POW, bright pink gorgeousness is revealed! And finally we have Illusion! Which looks like it’ll be peach but it has a very strong lilac/blue undertone. Very duochromey and super pretty, I did dig my nail in it after taking those pictures and wept inwardly!

All in all this palette is sensational! It has all the shades you could possibly want to become and icy frost queen! It is around the £14 mark but can usually be found on sale somewhere! Let’s say you own this and the duo light palette….you a pretty set for highlighters. But like that is still no reason to stop buying them…I just can’t help myself! But if you are just starting out and want a range of beautiful highlighters! These are certainly fantastic contenders!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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