First Impression | NYX Born To Glow Foundation (Pale)

I received this off of my boyfriend or my birthday when we went shopping. He gave me a budget to spend and let me just go wild. Which made me both grateful and guilty, but he insisted. And this was one item I had been dying to try! I have rarely been disappointed with NYX!

The packaging is lovely. I enjoy the squeeze tube, as it makes waste less likely and you can actually get what you are going to use out, rather than take out too much product! The shade range is great too! Various undertones and shades, pretty darn good if you ask me!

The thing that appealed to me was how it was described as glowy. And I have been looking to wear a more hydrating and dewy foundation! So this was on my list. On my application, I liked it. It was pale enough and yellow enough to match my neck, but a little too light to match my face. But at the end of the day I’d rather match my neck and chest! It was glowy. It was really pretty and I liked how it didn’t feel thick on my face, it felt very comfortable and stretchy. It did however exaggerate my texture on my nose (second picture). My skin is especially dry on my nose, so I think it was more my skin than the foundation. As I have tried it again, and it looked better as my skin started to look better (first picture).

The texture was lovely hydrating and stretchy, I.e. I’d didn’t feel like it was going to crack my skin. It evened kit my skin tone without being super full coverage, I would say it’s a medium coverage! I could still see a bit of redness and freckle through, but it covered up my spots. Not complaining! I would definitely recommend exfoliating before you try this foundation to get a better finish as it does exaggerate dryness. However if you have normal textured skin, this would be fab! It also lasts brilliantly! I wore it for 12 hours and I still had blush and highlight on at the end of the day.

Side note, the primer you use with this really helps. I used my Becca Skin Love Primer and it made my skin look beautiful with this foundation. A hydrating primer with this works really well! Or a blurring primer! A mattifying one might be a bit too much for this!

All in all I liked this foundation, but it is a bit finicky depending on what you use. But I don’t mind, as I’ve found what works. And when it works, it freaking works! It’s lovely. But it did take some time to make it work perfectly! So bear that in mind

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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