Full Review | Avant Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment

I am a massive fan of all kinds of overnight masks! I love how easy they are and how they are meant to hydrate and nourish over the course of the night so it is a treatment for a longer time, which I love! And this is described as moisture surge, and I’m all for a surge of moisture, for my dry and crusty skin!

The packaging is lovely, feels very luxurious while still making it easy to travel and use! It’s not too heavy, but it just feels like good quality. You know what I mean. I love how it gives you the ingredients in a lovely aesthetic way. Which you would hope given that this is a very expensive product!

I applied it to my face and my initial impression was..oh, this is sticky. But in the best kind of way. I like a tacky overnight treatment as I feel like it a) will sink in gradually and b) will have some left over in the morning so I can feel hydrated and nourished. And that is exactly what happened. It smells lovely, very subtle but creamy. If that makes sense. Just a pleasant smell. It sinks in gradually, but in a nice way. Like a certain layer gets soaked in and the rest just sits on top to sink in over the time you’re asleep (or awake, but overnight as I sleep so badly!).

Once it has all sank in, my skin felt very plump and nourished. And so so so soft! Which was lovely! My skin also had a lovely glow to it which I was so impressed with as my skin is usually so dull due to its dryness and sallowness. I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t like a sticky/tacky face mask! Or if you don’t have super dry skin! If you have oily skin this might be a bit much for you! So I would recommend it for all you crusty people, like myself! Nothing to be ashamed of…embrace the crust! We should make that into a hashtag!

All in all I loved this mask and have continued to use it multiple times and loved it more and more, as I use it so frequently! It is gorgeous! A dry skin staple. However the price is extortionate! So just be aware of that! Totally worth it though! Thank goodness I received this in my LookFantastic advent calendar!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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