Monthly Favourites | February 2020

February is over which means I am going to accumulate products that have really stood out to me over the lasts month and discuss them with you lovely people! It’s been a tricky month, finally been diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome. Which is the cause of my disabling pain and other struggles. So that was upsetting, as there is no cure and no treatment other than what I’ve already tried. However it’s good in a sense because we know it’s not MS, which was what they thought, and we know it isn’t a brain tumour. So I really need to focus on the positive side. Anyway, onto the products!

Revlon Rose Glow Illuminating and Hydrating Primer – THIS STUFF! I bought it on a bit of a whim because I hadn’t heard much about it but good lord above! It is delightful! Makes my skin so radiant but not glittery and feels so lovely and hydrating too! Kind of like a dry oil but less slick! Lovely lovely product! Highly recommend trying this if you have dry skin!

LUSH Sleepy Body Cream and Shower Gel – This was a present I received of the girls, for my birthday! And I struggle with pain related insomnia. I wouldn’t say this made me sleep better or longer but it certainly relaxed me enough to make sleep a hell of a lot easier! Which was amazing! It smells like lavender and the smell really does calm me down a lot! Love it!

Eylure Enchanted Lashes (Written In The Stars) – These were supposed to be favourited last month, but like a complete nincompoop, I forgot. But they are still firmly favourited so I can include them this month too! These are so fluttery and sexy without being BAM IN YOUR FACE! They just enhance and finish of a look and I adore that! Super comfy to wear too!

Ace Beautē Oceanic Palette – My sister very kindly gifted this to me for my birthday and oh my goodness me! I cannot get enough of it! The tones, the depth and the hues are everything! My perfect green/blue palette! It is just stunning! Major heart eyes over here!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask – This stuff is magical! I was kindly gifted to this by my girls, who spoilt me rotten for my birthday! And couldn’t quite believe how spoilt I got, as the read my blog and bought me some products I have lusted over for a while! Including this. It is so silky and hydrating and makes me chapped and crusty skin feel so soothed!

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara – I was skeptical with this as I have heard mixed reviews. But this is lovely. It isn’t volumising but boy does it give length! I love the fluttery lash look, and that is exactly what this does! It’s just a shame it’s so expensive otherwise I’d repurchase! But I received this in my LookFantastic advent calendar!

Smashbox Gloss Angeles (Beachy Keen) – I got the set of lipglosses from Smashbox off of my grandparents and this was the one I wasn’t expecting to like. Oh how wrong I was. It has a lovely depth to it and isn’t as warm as it looks in the tube! It’s a lot more brown! And I get compliments when I wear this! Its super shiny and super comfortable! I love it!

And those are all of my favourites for this month!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading!!! 💛✨


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