First Impression | Rituals “The Ritual of Ayurveda” Dry Oil

I have really been into oils a story reading just that extra bit nourishing! And I feel like they hydrate my skin they little bit more than a cream! But in a non sticky and claggy way that makes it stick to your clothes. A feeling that I really hate! I received this in my LookFantastic advent calendar! And was looking forward to give it a go!

The packaging looks beautiful, but it is easy to use as it is a squeeze bottle, surprisingly. From the pictures I thought it was a glass or plastic bottle. But it’s super flexible to squeeze the product out which is fab! It does look very luxurious and beautiful! And very much in theme with the other Rituals products!

It smells…divine! Smokey and sexy but in an almost masculine way! But very unisex! It just smells quite earthy, herbal, and yeah, smokey! Gorgeous. The feeling is so gorgeous when rubbing it into the skin. Not sticky AT ALL, but hydrating and doesn’t sink in straight away. It gives it a bit of time, which I really like as it isn’t going to sink into my super dehydrated skin, my skin laps it up, and I’m back to square one. It does gradually sink in. Which is so great!

It hydrated me skin so well, and leaves the most gorgeous glow to my skin! I think this will be super lovely when I’m going out and showing a bit of skin…not I do that often very much at all anymore! But you know what I mean. If I had my legs on display, they would look super sheeny and pretty if I wore this and then wore a dress! But it doesn’t stick or stain your clothes! My white pjs were just as clean as when I first put them on and not at all greasy!

All in all I love this and it is satisfying my addiction to oils! I adore it!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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