Full Review | Dose Of Colours Lipglosses

Lipglosses are becoming a personal favourite currently! And I have been very much enjoying how hydrating they are! And with my dry and crusty lips, I have been very just liked that they have a bit of slip and slide to them, rather than a matte dry lip! And I had heard great things about these. I got a couple for Christmas and I got one myself when they were on sale! And was super excited!

Happy Hour, Dolly, Can You Not

The packaging really appeals to me. It is very sleek and simple. It has an acrylic coated lid and it looks very minimalist and modern. And I love the logo and how the lid are white so it creates an air off cohesion in the set. Very lovely!

The formula is delightful. It is very soft and silky! Non sticky but still hydrating and nourishing! A teeny bit of tack but not in a gloopy way! In a more lip oil rather than a sticky gloss. Only problem I had was on initial application I felt it looked streaky on my lips. But not for long, as they soon warmed to my lips and coated them lovely. But if I was doing a first impression and didn’t let it warm, I wouldn’t be too chuffed. But not I know to let it sit for a bit and it looks better, I do really like them!

Happy Hour, Dolly, Can You Not

Happy hour is a lovely peachy coral and is very brightening on my complexion! It lifts my face and gives me a bit more radiance, rather than looking my usual sallow self! Dolly is a gorgeous milky baby pink, and I love how it looks on its own and when it’s paired with a pink liquid lipstick, for example Lime Crime “Rosebud” Plushies! Can You Not is a great neutral nude that is neither too pink, too brown and too peach. It goes well with any lip colour! To neutralise any brightness!

All in all, once these have warmed into the lips better, these are gorgeous lip glosses. However they do need that warmth to look somewhat decent, otherwise they do go quite streaky! But give it a little bit more time, and they them look beautiful! Don’t go on their initial appearance!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


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