Brands I Want To Try This Year

I am really getting into “indie” makeup brands and there are a lot of brands that I am desperate to try this year! With that, I am going to need a decent budget…as there’s a lot of them. But I thought I’d pick six brands that I want to try this year…instead of ALL of the indie brands I want to try EVER! I’m not putting pressure to purchase everything I want from the brand. I just want to try a few things from each brand. As I have to consider customs as they are all from America! Eeeeek! But they are gorgeous and will be so worth it!

Clionadh Cosmetics – These are the top of the list…to the point where I dream about them! I’m so obsessed! I have written down the lists that I want to try too! Not just the infamous Stained Glass collection but also their regular single shadows too. If I only try one brand this year, if my budget is super crappy…it will be this brand! I’m sooooo desperate! I can just imagine the looks and rearranged palettes I’d love to do!

Devinah Cosmetics – These are next on my list! Their Willy Wonka Xploders are top top top! Because oh good lord they make me weep with joy! I love their Kiss Me Clover collection and their Butterfly collection as well, but we if I had to choose just one of collections, it’ll be the Xploders!

Lethal Cosmetics – Now….I’m kinda cheating….because I’ve recently done an order of these, but I came up with this idea of blog post in January. And I have now tried them. And boy…..I’m obsessed! I already want to make another order! I got some with my birthday money! And I was very impressed. I have a swatchathon video on my YouTube channel which I will link here :

Kaleidos Makeup – Their highlighters are the only face products I’m reeeeally desperate to try this year! Because they drive me absolutely mad! The ones I’m interested in are Comet Catcher, Ray Rider and Solar Sailor! But I also really want to try their Futurism Palettes! The only one I’m really keen to try (don’t get me wrong I love them all…) but the one I feel would benefit in my collection would be the VR Neon! Insane colours! Just beautiful!

JD Glow Cosmetics – I was introduced to this brand from Emily Hanhan! And saw her palette rearrangement videos and was OBSESSED! I am so keen to try them! I again, have made a list of the ones I’m after. Specifically the Galaxy shadows! I cannot wait to pick some up. Plus the sizes are generous! But I am concerned about longevity after Angelica Nyqvist mentioned this. But it’s not putting me off totally, as I think I’ll get their use!

Give Me Glow Cosmetics – Their Juicy Olive palette was the thing that made me interested in this brand. Then I saw their other single shadows and there were major heart eyes! Their Vintage Rose palette also looks gorgeous too! I’m pretty keen to try them as I’ve heard nothing but good things!m

And those are the brands I’m desperate to try! Have you tried any of these? Do let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

Thank you so much for reading!! 💛✨

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