First Impression | Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer (Lace)

I have been on a bit of concealer journey as it is probably my most used product! And I have been through around 4 since my project pan began! So I needed to buy a couple more and this was one I was dying to try! I have seen so many people say mixed things like it’s either amazing or way too dry. But I read to “dry” comments after I purchased it so was slightly nervous. But thankfully I got it for a steal of a price, just in case I didn’t like it, so I was happy I was smart enough to do that!

The packaging is stunning. The frosted glass feels very luxe and special! And for a fairly high priced concealer, it’s something I appreciate! The lid is cute, but does attract fingerprints so be aware of that. However their name over the lid looks super quirky and unique! All in all, aesthetically, I was impressed! The shade range is pretty good too, I should add!

The formula! That is what we want to know. Is it worth it? Well the coverage is insane, as advertised. And it isn’t a false accusation, it is very much full coverage. It covered my redness and blemishes effortlessly! One thing that I was very surprised at was it’s smoothing properties. It blended so well that is almost blurred things! I have lots of texture on my nose and my under eyes. And other than a teeny bit of creasing (less than I usually get, I’ll give it that!), it was perfected in such a way that I had to zoom in on the picture and be like “where are my bumps!!!”. Super impressed!

As you can see my skin still looks like skin. It didn’t exaggerate my dry patches, like I was worried about. My nose has lots of flakey skin and it didn’t cling to that at all, like I said it almost blurred my texture! And it lasts so so well! It is like a satin finish so I feel it adheres to my skin so well because of that! By that I mean it won’t slip and slide. It has its own self setting properties which I really like!

All in all although I had doubts, this didn’t disappoint. It in fact massively impressed me. And it is my favourite concealer of the moment! I can tell this because I’m using it sparingly because I don’t want it to run out!!

I really hope you found this useful! What’s your favourite concealer of the moment? Any recommendations?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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