Full Review | Colourpop Baby Got Peach Palette

I have delved into the world of Colourpop, especially their eyeshadows. But I’m loving their Monochrome palettes a lot, and this was the one that I thought I’d try first. Out of my recent haul! I loved the tones and I have been on the hunt of the best peachy eyeshadows recently, so it just fit!!

The packaging really appeals to me. I adore the tone of peach they chose for the plastic. And I really love the layout of the eyeshadows. I know they are magnetic, so if I didn’t love the layout, I could change it. But I love it, so all is good! The font on the front is also really great; bold and legible with a cheeky lil peach!

The formula of these are great, and there are three we need to discuss. The mattes are very smooth and buildable. Sheer initially, but that helps blendability, as you can build the colour up seamlessly! A nice array from oranges, corals, nudes (both pale and deep) and true peach shades! Lovely. She shimmers are sublime! Get Even is a neon peach with a beautiful flip of gold and almost yellow! Ready or Yacht is a true beige peach, a little more on the cooler spectrum! With an iciness to it. Glaze it is a more neutral tone, but certainly has a peachy shimmer to it! It’s really special, and tones down the other neon tones in the palette. Then the star of the show…Hungry Ghost…the presser glitter. Now pressed glitter neither annoys me or excites me….except this shade really excited me! The multidimensional flips of greens, peaches and teal…oh it’s just delicious! And goes so well with the other shades so well, but can be interchanged between other palettes also!

Okurrr, Perky, Ready or Yacht, Centerfold
Darlin, Glaze It, Ready Or Yacht, Okurr, Half Baked
Centerfold, Get Even, Hungry Ghost
Centerfold, Darlin’, Perky, Glaze It, Ready or Yacht, Okurr
Centerfold, Half Baked, Get Even, Ready or Yacht
Okurr, Darlin’, Get Even, Hungry Ghost

So a lot of people felt that this palette was too mid tone. I.e. not enough depth. Which I understand, but I also don’t mind as these palettes are monochromatic for a reason. And I have other eyeshadows I can pair with this palette, to deepen up the shades! But Half Baked…the deepest shade, does provide enough depth for me too. So I’m not too bothered about the “depth” situation.

All in all this is a lovely palette and I’m so happy to have it in my collection! It has helped my hunt for the perfect peach eyeshadow! Centerfold was it…and I have it as a single now!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading 💛✨


  1. Ooh thats a beautiful peach palette . I honestly don’t have too many peach shades but these look nice . I have been wearing Cremé from Juvia’s Douce palette . It kind of satisfies my need for a peach eye .


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