First Impression | Aloe and Waterlily Soothing Face Mask

Face masks are slowly becoming a great love of mine! And when I read the name of this, my eyes lit up. It just sounded so so lovely! I could almost imagine the scent and the coolness enveloping my face! My sister bought me this for Christmas, along with three other masks! I was very spoilt! And this was the one exciting me most

The packaging is lovely. Very sleek and corresponds with the rest of the Revolution Skincare Masks! I like how it has a protective lid over the mask when you open the main lid, so it doesn’t pour or spill out, very nice touch indeed!

Now…it smells lovely. That was the first thing that ran through my head when it put it on my face. And it was very cooling to begin with. But then suddenly…my skin got very hot and stingy. And I checked the back of the packaging to see if it was a warming mask. Nope. Didn’t mention that at all. I looked in the mirror and my skin was so red and irritated! Especially on my cheeks and nose!

Now I didn’t apply the mask on my upper lip, and top of my forehead…and you can see that there, it is a lot paler than the rest of my face! It seriously irritated my skin! And I couldn’t take a picture of the mask on my face as it hurt so much! I just had to wipe it off!

All in all I think it isn’t the mask that’s the problem. I think it’s my sensitive skin being delicate. And an ingredient perhaps aggravating my skin. My sister uses this and loves it, and I have a friend who I’ll probably give this to as it appealed to her. But it didn’t mix well with my skin at all!

I really hope this was useful for you!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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