Declutter #3 | Lip Products

I have a lot of lip products and I know now my favourite formulas and I know what i don’t like. So I thought I would go through the ones that I’m simply not using, pop them in a box for my mum and my sister and mother in law to go through and pick the ones they like!!,

Bh Cosmetics Royal Affair Lip Linens Set – I decluttered these (minus one as reference purposes for my blog) because I felt like I had better formulas in my collection. These are quite drying but the colours are gorgeous. So my sister will hopefully get good use out of these! My lips are just too dry and crusty to make these look good now.

No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick (Ginger Rose, Deep Rust) – I adore the formula of these, I just don’t enjoy the colours as much, I find they wash me out and make my teeth look grim. I know these will look gorgeous on my mum thought as she has much different colouring than me!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks (Black Cherry, Pink In the Afternoon, Bare Affair) – These were okay lipsticks. I thought they were nice when I first tried them but I’ve tried so many better ones since that I feel these are now just…meh. They are too sloppy for me! And they smear everywhere! Which for the darker shade, doesn’t look great. But I think my sister will like the pink one and mum will like the nude one. So they will go to good homes!

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks (Mocha-licious, Color In The Flesh, Bare It All) – I adored the formula of these! It’s just super hard to apply with the shape of the lip bullet. It’s very round and flat and I find that so difficult. Plus I’m super shaky now, so it always ends up making me look like I can’t apply lipstick! Not a fan. But my less shaky family members will LOVE these. Mocha-licious will look gorgeous on my mum!

INCredible Glittergasm (Cup Hot!) – This is cute, but I’m just not wearing it! I’ve kept the clear one for reference purposes but this one has too much of a colour base, and just looks a little odd unless I wear it on its own, but then it still looks like there is something missing. My sister liked the pink one so I think she will like this one too!

Smashbox Matte Lip Paint (Girl Gang) – I didn’t like how drying this was on my crusty lips! My lips cannot handle it. But it will look lovely on my sister! And as she wear more minimal makeup this will take her looks to the next level! It’ll look stunning on her!

All in all that’s everything I’m giving up for now, but they will have great homes to go to!!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨


  1. I made the mistake of trying out a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in a black shade . And it was so overly smeary . Just a mess . Its intersting to know that its just part of the formula for the other colors too.


      1. The black is so unwearable lol i tried using it as topper over a grey matte and it still looked odd . Did you have any luck with it over lip liners or is it still just a mess?


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