First Impression | NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

I remember for about a year I had wanted to try this foundation. And when I finally purchased it, I waited a little too long to review it…so here it is! Normally I like to try the product a couple of days post purchase….that didn’t happen this time! But I thought I would finally review it, as I have some pretty strong opinions on it!

The packaging feels so luxe. Which, if you’re spending over £30 on a foundation, it bloody better be feeling luxe! The glass bottle is weighted and feels lush. The soft touch lid is very typical of NARS. Oh and it has a pump! Hurrah! Sheer Glow, my all time favourite foundation did not…so this is very much appreciated. Shows NARS listened to us!

The formula. Goodness me the formula! Now I like a light weight foundation with around a medium coverage drying to a glowy satiny finish. If that doesn’t sum this foundation…I don’t know what does. It feels like nothing but hydration on the skin. It doesn’t cake up or bunch up around my dry nose and corners of my lips. It dries down to a satin finish, doesn’t feel like it’ll slip and side, but still has luminosity to it. It adds this lovely skin like finish. The word radiant in the name is certainly validated! I can certainly understand the hype around this foundation!

In terms of longwear , I too believe this is validated. I wore this for around 8 hours of filming consecutive palette creation videos. My face wasn’t on camera until the end so I didn’t want to put concealer on as I wanted to see how this foundation alone works! I had sweated, I had touched my face. I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t normally do to my face if I wasn’t wearing makeup. And the above picture is after about 5.5 hours. Holding up beautifully! I did an eye makeup look on camera after the 6 hours of palette creations. And it was still looking lush! So so so impressed!

All in all, I would go as far as saying this has overtaken my Sheer Glow foundation. I still love Sheer Glow! Don’t get me wrong. And the colour of Sheer Glow is just that touch lighter in Gobi. Gobi in this one is slightly deeper but it will be perfect for the summer! And I can lighten it up in the centre with concealer! So it isn’t too much of a faff! Love this foundation so much! Taking the top slot for sure!

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost! What’s your favourite foundation? Have you tried this one?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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