Full Review | Revolution Essence Sprays

I love that feeling when you spritz and for moment, just a moment, the refreshing mist melts away everything. It is fantastic, and it is such a lovely feeling. So safe to say, for that feeling, I spray my face multiple times a day as boosters! And these are what I mainly use! And I’m here to tell you why!

I adore the packaging! It is cute! And I love how they are all “same but different”. As in, same appearance, different colour and name. Very cohesive and satisfying! But he mister is lovely. Very confident, and you get a proper dowsing! I don’t like fine mists, I like to feel like I actually have moisture on my face! But anyway, onto the review!

First off, all of these sprays are different. And genuinely different as they do different things for my skin and they feel different too. No spray is the same! And I like that as you feel like you genuinely will use them all for their targeted purposes! And the next thing I shall discuss are these targeting purposes! And how I like to use them and whether they work well for me!

CBD – This is advertised as nourishing! And boy…that it is! It leaves my skin with a lovely almost “barrier” of hydration, after I spray this! It smells very fresh, like a floral cucumber kinda smell! It is the one I usually go for before bed, or at night time as I know that will keep my skin from getting too dry overnight! And it is probably my favourite one of them all!

Superfruit – I feel like this one very much tops up my moisture levels. It is advertised as replenishing, and I feel like that is the perfect description! It also smells DIVINE! It is a top up. Throughout the day, when you’re feeling a bit flat and dull, I spritz this on my face and I immediately look plumper and fresher in the skin department! It takes an average amount of time to soak in. I’m not left with residue like the CBD but my face also doesn’t feel dry like when I use the next one I’m going to discuss!

Caffeine – This is my go to morning spray! It really does wake up and brighten my complexion! I have very dull skin, due to having such dry and dehydrated skin. So in the mornings, it can make me look unwell. Few sprays of this, and I look like I have awoke from an amazing slumber and ready to conquer the world with my bright little cheekies! It does soak in very quickly! It smells like lemongrass too which is super refreshing!

Hyaluronic – Now hyaluronic acid is my favourite ingredient for my dry skin. And it’s also my skins favourite ingredient! It laps it up like a thirsty puppy on a hot day! And this spray does that for me too! I spray it, and I find it does soak in slightly quicker than the CBD one and leaves a slightly less tacky layer of hydration over the top. But you definitely get a barrier of hydration again with this one! I love it! I tend to wear this underneath my makeup, as a layer of hydration or I wear it after I cleanse my face! And the pink grapefruit smell is so invigorating in the morning!

Rosehip – This one is advertised as regenerating. And I would too agree. I feel like this helps aid fading any scarring from a major breakout, like my Rosehip oil does. So it makes sense as it is the same ingredient! I tend to save this one for when I have lots of spots! As it doesn’t aggravate, dries fairly quickly (about the same was the Superfruit one), and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated but not like it has barrier! It is a good spray to just freshen your skin up throughout the day on a no makeup day or before you apply your makeup, and knowing it will do good things for your skin! It smells lovely too, like lemons!

All in all these are fantastic and I love them all for various reasons. They have more variations but these interested me as they help with dull and dry skin! Which are my main concerns! But should you want blemish soothing or oil control, they have Niacinamide, Tea Tree and Glycolic also! If more! They have loads!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, and found it useful!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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