Palette Of The Month | Bright Pastels

Right guys…I’ve come up with a new idea for a blog post and corresponding video! So I want to make a palette of single shadows, that I want to focus my use on for the months in the blogpost, which I upload first, I discuss why I chose these colours. And then in the video, I show you the looks I created this month, using this palette!

Colourpop Tropper – The most gorgeous murky yellow shade! I feel like this will pair beautifully with all of the other shades I have picked for this palette! It will go with warm tones, however will contrast well with cooler tones too. And fits in with my overall grunge aesthetic I so very much enjoy!

Colourpop Piece Of Cake – I wanted a bright blue/purple hybrid as a fun pop, but also I think it looks great as a wash in the crease! And I kinda neglected this colour since purchasing it, as Lost and Found was taking up my attention!

Lethal Vertex – This shade is soooo pretty, and I have an idea of wearing it in the inner corner! Paired with the other brights or with the neutrals! I think it will look so striking! It’s a shade I always swatch and look at but not used much yet, so want to change that!

Lethal Yonder – This is the most perfect duck egg blush shade! And I think it will be an excellent crease colour with the other shades I picked too! But even if I wore it all over the lid, bit of liner and lashes, that would appeal to me too!

Colourpop Get Even (depotted from Baby Got Peach palette) – This shade blew my mind when I reviewed the Baby Got Peach Palette! It made me really wanted to depot the Colourpop nine pan palettes…so I did! Well, with the ones I have reviewed anyway! And this had to be in this palette!

Colourpop Sincerely – For one thing, I can’t believe they are discontinuing this shade! I love it! It is a hybrid from a bright pink and a warm purple! It’s a perfect magenta colour. And it will look gorgeous in the crease with all the other shades! So I just had to include it!

Colourpop Heavenly – This shade I thought would pair beautifully with the shade Horner from Lethal Cosmetics! It is a lovely warm teal with these silver and mint flecks! Such a unique shade! Can’t wait to wear this!

Juvia’s Place Kana (depotted from the Warrior II palette) – I felt like I needed a cooler transition shade, so I could blend the cooler tones out, if needed. Mine is looking a bit worse for wear through depotting it! But it is a great warm grey/cool brown!

Lethal Void – This, I wanted, so I could pair it with Yonder, but to make the greens in this look really pop! Also this with Vertex would look really cool I think! Or even as a pop with say Sincerely and Piece Of Cake!

Colourpop Wishful Winking – I had this idea for a look, using Yonder, Heavenly and a bit of Void paired with this shade! Maybe even Vertex in the inner corner. I just thought it would look so cool!

NARS Chile – This is such a unique shade. It’s like a warm grey with the most gorgeous pink sheen/glitter running through it. Paired with Sincerely would be such a great combo! So I’m going to have to do that with this palette!

Colourpop Thank You, Next – This is one of my favourite neutrals of the moment! It’s a warm brown, with gold and pink flips! It’s so unique! And the texture is so buttery! I want to wear this all over the lid to see if it would create dimension all on its own!

ABH Realgar – I chose this to pair with Thank You, Next! For a crease shade. But also think this would look fab with Tropper and Get Even too! Just a standard matte warm brown! It’ll look so flattering! Even with Kana, that could work well too!

Inglot 48 – I chose this to pair with Chile from NARS and Colourpop’s Thank You, Next! In think the pink and mauve tones will be so complimentary! And in the inner corner, this shade would look so pretty!

And those are all the colours I picked for this months palette! What do you think?? I’m some excited to smear these all over my lids!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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