First Impression | Dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Nutrition Moisturiser

I received this product in my LookFantastic box a few months back! And was super excited as I know Hemp is an ingredient very good for dry skin, especially eczema prone skin! So when I received it I was very much intrigued to see how it would work on my crusty skin!

I love the packaging! Very sturdy for travel while still been effective for use. Always a fan of a squeeze tube so you get less waste! And the green packaging goes well with the ingredient of hemp. Makes you very visually aware of the natural ingredients! Lovely!

The actual moisturiser itself, I would say, is definitely more of a daytime moisturiser! A day cream, shall we say. It soaks in very quickly, which is great for the day and before applying makeup! However for me, I like a moisturiser that takes a while to settle so my parched skin gets replenished a lot more gradually and steadily! My skin does enjoy this, and it’s very soothing. I had some dryness around my nose day rings and it did smooth any of the soreness from the chapping! It is also a green gel/lotion hybrid like consistency! And that is rather aesthetically pleasing and fun to use…I don’t know why, it just is! It makes a change from a clear or white gel!

As you can see my skin looked exceptionally smooth once it settled in, and very few dry patches, except for around my nose rings. My complexion did feel less tight, however it just didn’t have the same nourishment that other creams have given me. It is fine for a top up or for a day cream where you need fast absorption. It’s jut not quite enough hydration for me. I’ll happily use it up, but I wouldn’t repurchase as the hydration didn’t last as long as I would like. And I did gain that tightness after a couple of hours! Whereas say my Glam Glow Waterburst or Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream gives me far more long lasting nourishment!

I hope you found this useful! What is your go to moisturiser of the moment?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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