Full Review | Juvia’s Place Warrior II Palette

What is this? A neutral palette? Emily, are you okay? Well, I actually am, and I really was so drawn to this palette. I loved the neutral, warm and cool looks I could create with this! The versatility was really lovely, so I had to pick it up!

The packaging is lovely! I love how the colours in the palette are resembled on the picture of the beautiful woman on the palette! The rich oranges and reds! So pretty! It is an all matte palette with varying tones of of warm, neutral and cool! The general aesthetic is so gorgeous! And I was very drawn to it!

The formula is very much cohesive with the rest of Juvias formula! They are smooth and buildable! And once built up, boy they pack a punch! But you can buff, sheer and blend them out to nothing as easily as packing them on the lid for full impact! Exceptionally adaptable depending what you are after! My favourite shades in the palette are Kana, Daura and Walzana! Kana is the most perfect deeper greige, which is lovely to wear as a transition shade or blending shade! Daura is a gorgeous mid tone, muted coral! And I love this for adding warmth to the looks! And it compliments my green eyes really well! Walzana is a neutral charcoal shade! Not black, like Shawata, a hair lighter, but it’s so nice for adding depth without adding warmth or coolness to look! A lovely staple shade! In fact they are all staple shades, which is why I did…what I did!

But before I discuss that, I shall show you the looks I created with this palette!

Kana, Shawata, Walzana, Zak
Jamata , Daura
Kurfuru, Zama, Zaz
Yodit, Kufuru, Walzana
Daura, Jamata, Zama
Shawata, Walzana. Yodit

Now…what did I do. Well I completely destroyed the beautiful packaging. And I’ve depotted all of the shades so I can incorporate them into my collection as they are such staple shades! And feel like they could be really useful in my single eyeshadow collection. And that way I would get more use out of them too! And I’ve really enjoyed that, and I feel like I’m getting loads of use and they are really enhancing my looks when using them! I did break two shades though…moment of silence. Zama and Shawata are now no more…but the rest, although looking a tad battered, are all fine!

All in all I think this is a staple palette for someone just getting into makeup! You have everything. Warm, neutral and cooler colours! All in a lovely easy to use formula/texture! Really enjoyable palette! Even more enjoyable now I have depotted them, so I can use them more!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for watching!


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