First Impression | Nabla Skin Glazing Glow Powders

So this purchase was entirely inspired by the delight that is Karen Harris! She has been wearing these as blushes and oh my goodness…I was obsessed! I know we have different skin tones, but I think these as blushes for me will look gorgeous and I just loved the sheen they provided from the pictures and demos I have seen!!

The packaging is really lovely! It is acrylic but tinted pink which really works well with the aesthetic of the product. The pan is raised off the base which gives it a very luxe feel. And it is embossed with “Nabla” and a wavy cratered appearance! Very unique and special. So lovely to look at!

The formula is gorgeous! It has a buildable and pigmented texture. The darker the shade, the more pigmented it is, in my opinion. Truth I could go in slightly more heavy handedly and get a gorgeous flush of coral pink! It was still extremely pigmented but the tone was a lot closer to my natural flush colour, so it didn’t look quite so in your face! However Adults Only was hella intense! Like seriously! I went in like I did with Truth! And it was very intense, as you’ll see in the next picture! I love a strong and somewhat heavy blush, so I wasn’t mad! But if you are more of a “subtle wash” kinda person, then I would go in gently! The sheen you get is a lot more subtle than I thought it would. I thought they would be suuuper metallic and sheeny, but the glow is more subdued! Which is nice, as with the pigment being more on the intense side, you aren’t then going to have to battle with heavy pigment with a strong shine which could exaggerate texture! It makes it more natural that way. And you can always add an extra highlight. You can’t take it away!

As you can see they do pack a punch. And I especially love how strong they look against my fair complexion. One might suggest it is a little over the top. But it’s the effect I live for! Especially blush draping! I’m all about that look! I find it super quirky but flattering! I like to apply these when dowsing my face with setting spray, wait a few moments for it to dry a little and then apply it. I find it helps add more shine, and gives a smooth and rich pigment! Just spectacular!

All in all, these are insane! And I adore wearing them as blushes! Ozone is on my list for the highlight as it looks absolutely divine and ethereal! And then I would love to own Lucent Jungle as well for a more orange tone but with the same effect as Truth! On my wishlist fo’sho!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have you tried these? Or do you want to?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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