Product Focus | Hydrating Primers

Now I have very dry skin, and I am exceptionally dehydrated with that dryness. My skin simply cannot get enough moisture, it is always very thirsty! So I have discovered the art of the a hydrating base before applying my concealer or foundation. And find this really helps! And I’m going to show you a few of my favourite ones, in today’s blog post!

Revolution Glass Skin Primer – I was worried that this primer would be too slick, but that was not the case, it was in fact a delight to use! It melted into my skin and left me the most lovely glow! It took a while to soak in which added hydration to my usually very dry skin. Very much like glass skin! Less of a shimmery and glittery effect and certainly more of a shine! Like a clean pane of glass! It was gorgeous.

MUA Pro/Base Primer Oil – This is probably the most hydrating out of all of these primers! If you are not a fan of an oily consistency I would steer clear from this. However I happen to adore facial oils, and well any oils for that matter. And the nourish,ent this gives me is just lovely! It doesn’t sink in very quickly, so that hydration will remain long lasting underneath my foundation! Which I really enjoy. Even with the foundation over the top, the glow I get is fantastic! Again, not shimmery! Just shiny! It’s lovely!

Ciate Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer – First off, this smells fantastic! But it is also lovely in my skin. Makes my skin feel very smooth and tacky, which provides a lovely base for my makeup. And it sits on top of the primer so lovely. It isn’t quite as glowy but it does keep my skin feeling very nourished!

Milk Hydrogrip Primer – This is the best primer for a smooth makeup application while still keeping my skin nice and plump. It gives the most fantastic adherence to my makeup! And the makeup sticks and lasts so well! It also smooths my complexion. It doesn’t provide much illumination, but it’s hydration that is more important to me!

Nymph Radiance Serum Beauty Elixir – Now considering this was described as illuminating, I was quite surprised how hydrating this was! It was an oil like consistency over a serum and gel. Which added to that nourishment feeling! It was a happy mix of a illuminating and hydrating primer. But again, no glitter was in that glow. It was all just a sheen. And it looked lovely!

Revlon Rose Glow Illuminating and Hydrating Primer – This is the only primer in this selection that does have a little bit of shimmer in the primer. However it is not obscene, it is a lot more subtle. Not glittery. And it is a very thin texture. Kind of oily however not as slick as say the others we have mentioned in this post. The only thing I need to mention is the that the pipette is rubbish in this. So would recommend pouring this out on the back of your hand over using the pipette!

And those are the primers I currently enjoy using for hydrating purposes! And with an added bonus of most of them being lovely at providing radiance too!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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