Full Review | Boots Lift Dramatically Hydrating Night Oil

As you are quite possibly aware, I am what I like to call myself…crusty. I am so dry. My skin is so dehydrated and can never be quenched. So since trying my Nuxe oil I have been really enjoying getting into oils, for the reason of them taking more time to soak in and I feel more nourished for longer! So I tried this…as it was reasonably priced and had the words “hydrating” in the name!

The packaging is amazing! Do I really need to repeat myself and discuss my love of a pipette! It makes me feel like a legit scientist! I can’t help myself! But I like how luxe it feels, even with it’s very fair price!

The formula is heavenly! It is such a silky oil that doesn’t absorb to quickly! So my dry skin is gradually and thoroughly quenched, rather than having the oil soak on super quickly and I’m left wanting more moisture and hour later! I love applying this after I have taken my makeup off. I apply a few drops to my hands and smooth it over my face and my skin laps that moisture up. The heavenly chorus sings! And I feel less tight and irritated! Even when my skin is chapped and sore, this doesn’t sting. It glides over the cracks and replenishes the moisture levels and by the next morning, they are less open!

I think the thing I also enjoy with this oil is that my skin looks so radiant when I use it. I apply it at night and the next morning, I spritz my face with my Revolution Caffeine Essence Spray, and my usually dull complexion has this glow to it! Something that clearly the hydration is helping with! A cheeky bonus if you will!

All in all, if you have dry skin, this is a saviour! It is gentle with no sting. But is potent in terms of hydration! Lovely product and it is now a staple in my routine! I cannot be without it, and thoroughly enjoy using it. And even notice when I miss a night. My skin doesn’t feel as soft or look as plump and nourished!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! What is your staple skincare product of the moment?

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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