First Impression | Revolution X Jake Jamie Hydrating Watermelon Mask

I am very much obsessing over face masks! Especially ones that hydrate my dehydrated, crusty skin! My skin is in need of some serious quenching!! And when Revolution Skincare we’re coming out with some lovely scents and formulas for a very accessible price! I couldn’t resist!

The packaging is so stinking cute. The lid and the sticker actually makes me want to,go and do a tiny weep in a corner on my own! And the fact you can see the glorious texture of this mask with the sea through container makes me overjoyed! All in all 5 stars aesthetically!

One thing that surprised me was that this face mask does warm up. Now I had to check on the back of the box when I tried this because I was a little nervous as a warming sensation also happens when I react badly to a product. However this was a pleasant and soothing warming! Not like the irritation and stingy warming I usually get. So that was really good. The texture is super satisfying to me, as I love jelly anything, however have a friend who is phobic of the jelly consistency, so if you are also triggered by this texture AVOID! LIKE THE PLAGUE! But if you’re like me and it makes your pupils dilate with joy…continue!

One thing I really liked, and it was the same with the Dragonfruit mask, was the seeds. The late large and smooth so exfoliation is super gentle with them. It isn’t overly abrasive and harsh. Just glides over the skin, taking away any dead skin in its path, but kissing it better. Or at least that is how it feels. I have a very vivid imagination, do excuse me!

All in all this mask I really enjoyed using. And continue to enjoy as I have used it twice after this initial photo when I first tried it, was taken. It leaves me skin soothed, radiant and plump feeling! I have a slight tackiness to my face afterwards which I adore as even after washing this bad boy off, there was a residue of nourishment that was to sink in continually, gradually!

I really hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you so much for reading! 💛✨

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